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Parque Lecocq is a nature reserve northwest of Montevideo, Uruguay, near the town of Santiago Vázquez. It houses mammals and birds and protects flora and pursues/supports breeding programs. It is adjacent to protected wetlands.”

Gorriti Island is a small island near the shores of Punta del Este, Uruguay. Along with Isla de Lobos, the island has been declared to be a National Heritage, attracting tourists on beaches annually.

Cerro Catedral also known as Cerro Cordillera, is a peak and the highest point of Uruguay, with an altitude of 513.66 m (1,685.2 ft). It is located north of Maldonado Department, in the municipality of Aiguá, in a hill range named Sierra Carapé, which constitutes part of a larger range named Cuchilla Grande. Its name derived from the curious forms of the rocky elevations of its summit, which are very common in the southern part of this country.

Montoya Beach is a Uruguayan beach located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean , in La Barra , Maldonado , Uruguay . People of all ages attend this beach, although young people predominate. In spring and summer it has lifeguards . Wide sandy beach popular with surfers with a restaurant, parking & seasonal lifeguards. Address: 20001 La Barra, Maldonado Department, Uruguay